How It Worked For Us: Rest, Hydrotherapy, And Charcoal

This week my lovely wife was suffering for several days with a headache. She tried to do all she knew to naturally relieve the pain (mostly just drinking lots of water) but nothing was working. Then, I got a call during the middle of the week and she was in tears. She was feeling terrible. She was dizzy, fatigued, nauseous, had a fever, and the headache had only gotten worse. She came home that afternoon and it was obvious that she was in need of some real TLC. Time to pull out the natural therapies.


Fortunately, I’ve taken few classes in hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy basically means water therapy, and it’s been used as a natural remedy for thousands of years. Since I’ve been blessed with a little knowledge in this area, it was time to put my limited skills to work. I decided to give her a fever bath, which basically means a bath in warm/hot water for a limited period of time, followed by the application of cold water.


After hydrotherapy, it’s best to allow for what’s called “reaction time”. This is a time of rest or sleep to allow the body to restore itself and benefit from the increased circulation and removal of toxins. Before I put my wife to bed, she asked me to put The Black Patch on her back. My wife has already used it for a variety of issues but I hadn’t even thought about it in this instance. I covered her back with the patches, and then gave her a foot massage and put more patches on her feet. As I was about to leave her to rest, she asked me to put another patch on her forehead for her headache.

The Result

She slept the entire night and when she awoke in the morning, her headache was totally gone. She no longer had a fever, and she felt great overall. She even had an appetite for the first time in several days. Once again, I’m convinced of the power of such simple things we take for granted: rest and natural healing.

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