How A Missionary Couple In Belize Used Charcoal To Save A Life

Warning: This story contains graphic content that some may find disturbing.

Very early in the morning, my friend Jay was walking out on the peaceful road in the beautiful country of Belize! All of a sudden, he heard the tires screech and felt himself getting hit by a truck! He jumped back up and ran to his friend’s house. His family looked and looked for him and finally found him about 12 hours after he had gotten hit. They called my brother-in-law and sister, who called me. “What?” I thought! “I’m not a vet!

Ok, so Jay is a horse. His owners had tried to get ahold of the vet, but he couldn’t come. Poor Jay already had a fever and could barely walk. He was in really rough shape and we had our doubts that he would survive.

Jay wasn’t just any horse. Jay was a very special horse that his owner used every day to get the cows from the pasture. He was also a good kid’s horse that my nieces and nephews loved riding. So, we wanted to do all we could to save Jay. We prayed, and then went to work on him.

We washed out all his wounds as best we could, prepared a huge charcoal poultice (charcoal, blended oats, and water), which we placed on a sheet that was folded around a plastic tablecloth. We wrapped him up in the sheet and put big ace bandages all around him! We had no antibiotics for horses, but twice a day the charcoal poultice was changed. This went on for a few weeks, and then the poultice was only changed once a day for a couple more weeks.

When you look at the pictures, it appears as though we sutured his wound, but because of the infection that had already set in, it was too late! But the charcoal healed it from the inside out and God used charcoal to save Jay’s life!

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