Our Story

The most well-known origin stories typically begin with a single “aha!” moment that ultimately leads to bold innovation and success. Think: Apple was the brainchild of a garage and three friends. The founder of eBay built the site so his fiancée could grow her candy collection. Poof.

For us, The Black Patch grew out of decades of work in the non-profit world, where our CEO & founder Danny Kwon developed organizations that work to heal, teach, and energize lives all over the world. And yet, he kept experiencing the same frustrating problem: good, earnest, mission-driven organizations not gaining any traction because of a lack of funding.

That’s why Danny developed The Black Patch, an all-natural, activated charcoal-based product designed for healing and for good. The goal is that as The Black Patch provides people with relief, we can give back and empower nonprofit organizations to do lasting good.

There’s nothing complicated about it. As a socially conscious business, we want to do our part to help. At the root of it all are three wildly idealistic words that keep us humble and focused: heal the world.

Yup, we want to make a dent in healing our hurting world. And why shouldn’t we try?